Monday, 8 January 2018

Game Killer v4.1 APK (Latest) free download for Android

Game Killer
Most Android games are played in stages which are most oftently unlocked by spending coins. Apps provided in-app purchasing allow the players to purchase coins and points by spending real money. Coins and points can be earned by playing the game also but with Game Killer Android app, the values of coins and points can be changed to a desired value. So, if you don't have enough points to unlock the next stage, you can simply add coins to your account with the help Game Killer and can play the next stage of the game or you can purchase in-game items and upgrades by spending the coins you just added with the help of this hacking app.
Mostly, the Game Killer is used to hack games, it doesn’t mean hacking of paid games and apps. So, you must use it experimentally on paid apps and games. Furthermore, Game Killer requires root access on your device thus you must root your device before trying it to modify apps and games. Additionally, Game Killer can hack offline games only. i.e. you can add scores, coins, and money to games that don't need an active Internet connection to provide you the gameplay. If the game you are attempting to hack is online based, then Game Killer will not be able to hack it.  Moreover, the game killer may result from abnormalities in your Android phone or tablet's behavior as well if improperly used

Points need to ensure for using Game Killer
  1.  Game Killer requires root access to your device and will not run without it.
  2. Another hang up that new Game Killer users may encounter is an 'installation blocked' error. Simple to fix, this requires you to turn on the 'Unknown Sources' option within the device's 'Application Settings' (or 'Security') menu. Once this option is enabled, Game Killer should install smoothly. Enabling installation of apps from 'Unknown Sources' is a significant security risk. For safety, only install trusted applications downloaded directly from the developer's website.
  3. Game Killer is unable to modify games with their data stored on remote servers so, if a game needs an Internet connection, this app won't work for them. A game must store in resident memory for Game Killer to access and change it.
  4. If you want to have success changing life, score, or coin values, Game Killer's tutorial needs to be followed.
  5. Game Killer is compatible with latest android version, marshmallow. Sometimes latest game killer not works with older Android versions. You can find the compatible version of our download page.
     Elements of File:   
    Package name: Game Killer
    Presented version: 4.1
    The format of File:  APK
    Charges of app:  Free
    Size of app:  500KB
    Android need: up to 4

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