Monday, 19 February 2018

WPS Connect APK 1.2.2 (Latest) Free Download for Android

Description of WPS Connect:

WPS Connect
WPS is a network which was invented by the WiFi alliance. WiFi Alliance is a non-profit organization which is globally known for developing and standardizing WiFi technology across the world. WiFi Alliance can be trusted because it is supported by fortune 500 companies like Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, and others. Although, the member count little over 600. To identify the trademark of the organization you have to notice the WiFi logo on their trademark. That’s the proof of WiFi Alliance certification.

Why“WPS Connect”?

Do you wish to save on your internet charges? Do you feel that your friend’s Wi-Fi is a bit faster than yours? Do you have this constant urge to know his WiFi password so that you can download your favorite TV series? Well, most of the people do. Who wouldn’t want to save a little money and not go through those heavy internet charges? What if I tell you that you no longer need to know the password of your friend’s router and can still connect to his internet? Amazing, isn’t it? There are a couple of applications available in the market which allows you to exploit the WPS router settings directly and hence bypass the authentication system to connect to a Wi-Fi router. One such application which has been doing wonders in the market is ‘WPS Connect’. This application developed by ‘FroX’ aims at identifying vulnerabilities within router settings and hence making the user aware of these. Remember that WPS connects to WiFi networks with WPS protocol enabled and works on a rooted device.

Elements of File:

Package name:  WPS Connect
Presented version: 1.2.2
The format of file: APK
Charges of app: Free
Size of app: 1MB
Android need: 4.0+

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