Sunday, 4 March 2018

Voice Lock Screen v2.8 Apk Latest Free Download For Android

Description of voice screen lock APK:

To protect anything, normally we use a differential lock to secure it so that nobody can access them. same here many users of Android devices use different locks to secure their mobiles. these locks contain some codes and pattern where we set it on our devices. some users love to use codes on their locks and some once pattern. they both protect and secure your device by accessing of others, but according to the advanced technology here we introduced a new lock which named Voice Screen Lock which also secures your devices.

Voice screen lock application is the one of the best and newest android app for your Android smartphones and tablets. by using this Application you can protect your device from other people. all users prefer to use voice lock screen present time. actually, they don't want to let others access on their device without his/her permission.this is the best way to secure your Android devices by using such types of locks. it cannot be noted easily by others.
some Android users use the hidden objective technique or folder lock to secure his/her personal data. I suggest voice screen lock App for those users, don't worry this App secure your device completely.
if you are interested to use this Application download it from our webpage.
Download voice screen lock APK with the lasted version which is available on this page, just click on the link which is given at the bellow of the page.

How to use screen lock App:

first of all, you have to download voice screen lock App by clicking on the link that is available below on this page. install it on your device. after installation open it and tap on the mic on the screen and record your password and the password will appear on the screen, confirm it your voice will be recorded. when you have to unlock your mobile you must speak these same words which you have recorded to set your password. if you want to change your old password you have to press the mic again and rerecord your voice.
remember that Os Android jelly been and above mobiles support recognition offline voice. for the old version, the device required the internet connection. when you use voice screen lock App you must turn off the other locks.

Features of voice screen lock APK:

  • unique locking system.
  • setup lock with touch code and voice.
  • well matched with operating device.
  • multi-screen lock themes.
  • simple to manage.
  • truthfully secure.
  • compressed size.
  • and much more.

Elements of File:

Package name:  voice screen lock
Presented version: 2.8
The format of file: APK
Charges of App: Free
Size of App:  MB
Android need: All Os

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